Some Services GBIC Partners Provide

Here at GBIC Partners we have extensive experience and knowledge in managing change and risk across all aspects of the overall business and specific industry obstacles.

With our deep expertise we can work across multiple organizational boundaries, business units and product lines. Starting from the front office working our way through the middle office and finishing in the back office for an overall complete end-to-end business strategy.

                    Business and IT Transformation

  • Budget Forecasting / Reporting
  • IT Operations and Ventures
  • Logistics and Strategy Management
  • Program / Business Management
  • Strategic Vendor Partnership Building
  • Global Procurement Management
  • Global Business Management
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Services
  • Enterprise Application Services
  • Profit Optimization
  • Client and Partner Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Internal Systems and Quality Control
  • Operations Analysis / Process Redesign
  • New System Development / Six Sigma
  • Full Project Lifecycle Management
  • Global Sourcing Strategy and Management
  • CIO/CTO Level Advisory Services
  • Flexible Staffing Solutions
  • Strategic Organizational Restructuring
  • Risk and Change Management
  • High Growth and Established Organizations

Security Risk Management

  • Special Event Services (VIP Security)
  • Executive and Residential Protection
  • Security Design and Management
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessments
  • Executive Drivers and Protective Escorts

One of the highly specialized services GBIC Partners provides is corporate and personal security risk management. Whether you are a fortune 500 corporation or just need a protective escort.

GBIC Partners offer reliable and innovative security risk management solutions to help ensure the safety or your corporation’s assets or just your own personal protection.

GBIC Partners highly trained, Protective Services Officers (PSO) and innovative technology tools combine to provide top quality service and overall protection to keep your events safe and secure.

GBIC Partners main objective is to treat and respect our partners better than anyone in our industry by attracting, equipping and retaining a deep and rich talent pool of individuals who will work as a team to achieve our and more importantly your corporate objectives. Our partners include our clients, our employees, our temporary workers, our vendors and many others who we partner with to provide every available avenue for our partners current and ongoing success and protection for years to come.

  • “Bringing GBIC Partners on as one of our trusted partners has elevated our selling power”

    – Technology Partner

  • “GBIC Partners overall focus on partner ownership has made our extensive project come in on time and below budget”

    – Global Head of Enterprise Projects, Global Investment Bank

  • “Consulting at GBIC Partners is truly an amazing experience, from the internal family feel to the overall partner relationships.”

    – GBIC Partners Consultant